Sports day is a fun and exciting event at Shakujii Nishi JHS. The students spend a lot of time preparing for this day. They train for the inter-class athletic competitions and they even rehearse group dances. It is very interesting to see the hard work, time, and energy that go into this wonderful event. Happy Sports Day, everyone!

  Every day, students and staff are treated to delicious and notorious school lunches. The menu changes daily and often features traditional Japanese cuisine. Dishes include fish, rice, or noodles, soup, and fruit. In the classrooms, students perform lunch duties such as serving the food to their classmates. Before eating, two students begin the meal by saying,“Itadakimasu!” Students then eat together in lunch groups. It is a special time for students and teachers alike. Everyone enjoys this break in the school day.

  Beginning in mid-June, Shakujii Nishi JHS students participate in swimming classes. Classes use a three-person buddy system to ensure that students are always safe. Each lesson begins with a set of warm-up activities including kicking exercises and bobs. After warming up, the students begin swimming the length of the pool in their three "buddy lines". They learn a variety of strokes, including breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly stroke. In August, many first-graders will travel to Iwai, Chiba, on a trip to swim in the sea. They are looking forward to it. Swimming is great exercise. It's also a really refreshing way for students to beat the summer heat. They really enjoy their swimming classes.
Ipswich Visit

  On September 16th, 2016, Shakujii Nishi Junior High School hosted guests from Ipswich State High School. Our Australian visitors spend the day observing our regular classes and experiencing some elements of traditional Japanese culture. We practiced putting on yukata and even made origami together. It was so much fun. We were able to practice speaking English and we learned a lot from each other. It was an amazing amazing and rewarding experience. We hope that we can visit our new friends in Australia someday!
SNJHS Club Activity Open House

  Every October, 6th graders from three surrounding elementary schools are invited to Shakujinishi JHS one afternoon to observe the many club activities offered after school. The students and their teachers had a short meeting in the gymnasium where they were given maps of the school and the locations for each of the 17 clubs available. The leaders of each club then led interested students to watch their clubs practice. The elementary school students were then given about an hour to roam the halls and visit whichever club activities they pleased.
  Many sports clubs held their normal practices for the 6th graders to observe, while other clubs planned special activities for the future students to participate in. In the shogi club, students were invited to try their skills against current members. The gardening club opened up the school roof to allow students to help plant new sunflowers. Music could be heard in the hallways from the brass band as they performed a mini concert with songs such as Sekai no Owari’s “RPG.” Various hands-on science experiments were set up by the science club for future scientists.
  The wide-eyed 6th graders seemed a bit nervous as they walked into their future JHS but they left full of energy and with smiles on their faces as they saw the many exciting opportunities that their future school has to offer.
Dance Competition

  Every December the first and second graders at Shakuji Nishi JHS hold a dance competition. This year's theme was“The Olympics and Paralympics” so the students spent about a month choreographing and rehearsing sports themed dances for the competition. The boys and girls of each first grade class danced separately for one minute. In the second grade, the boys and girls danced together as a class and had longer three minute routines. On the day of the competition many parents came to watch the students' fun and energetic performances in the gymnasium. At the end of the competition the students voted for their favorite performance. Congratulations to this year's winner, Class 2F! They will be representing Shakuji Nishi JHS at the Nerima City Dance Competition in January. Good luck to class 2F and Go Shaku-Nishi!
Cleaning Day

  At the end of each term, before students go on break, the students at Shakujii Nishi spend one period in the afternoon cleaning the school. Homeroom teachers assign each student an area to clean then the students move their desks into the hallway before getting started. Then the students begin to clean their assigned areas such as the classroom floor, walls, windows, and blackboard. Some students are assigned to clean other areas of the school such as the hallways, stairs, bathrooms, school entrance, and shoe boxes.
  Once the cleaning has started the atmosphere becomes very lively and you can hear the noises of desks moving, water splashing, students talking. Music is even played over the intercom to make cleaning time more exciting. In some classrooms, students were racing across the floors with their wash clothes and others were having contests to see who could sweep up the most dust. Many students usually don’t enjoy cleaning but when they’re cleaning with their classmates can be a lot of fun!

  My name is Alex Matson, and I am an ALT from New Zealand who works at Shakujii High School through the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme. Eight times a year I also visit Shakujii-Nishi Junior High School to participate in Japanese cultural activities with the students.
  So far I have done calligraphy, origami, worn yukata, written tanka, and most recently practiced judo, which left me very sore! Everything was fun, but my favourite activity was playing the koto, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. On my next visit I will get to take part in a tea ceremony.
  I also got to watch students give English speeches, and was impressed. I sometimes have lunch and play games with the students too, who are always very friendly and want to ask me many questions. The teachers/staff at Shakujii-Nishi are also kind and helpful. I really enjoy my time spent at this school!

  Hello, my name is Alex Matson and I’m a New Zealand ALT who works at Shakujii High School, near Shakujii Nishi JHS. For the past 2 years I’ve been regularly visiting Shakujii Nishi for the day (around 9 times a year). These visits are part of my job as an ALT on the JET programme (organized by the Japanese government), and the purpose of them is for me to participate in traditional Japanese activities with the students, as well as speak English with them..
  These activities have included: writing calligraphy, learning judo, writing tanka and haiku, watching and judging students’ English speeches, creating origami and otherpaper art (kirie), participating in tea ceremonies, learning how to properly put on yukata, watching a famous rakugo performer, playing koto, making traditional Japanese sweets, playing traditional Japanese games with the students, and practicing kyuudou archery. All of these activities were extremely interesting and enjoyable for me, and the students too had a lot of fun. I would never have had an opportunity to do these things otherwise. The highlight was playing the beautiful koto, something I had wanted to do for a long time..
  After these class time activities, I usually ate lunch with the students, who were always very friendly and asked me lots of questions, and I got to talk to them about New Zealand and my life in Japan. The teachers too were very welcoming, and helped organize all these activities for me. Thank you Shakujii Nishi, for all these great experiences!